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Having been licensed since 1987, just a new comer, I was issued the call GM1XOG. I worked mostly on 6Mtrs.  Being very close to the magical DXCC with 15w for a long time out of a Yaesu FT690r plus a small linear and a HB9CV for the antenna.  I managed the VUCC with relative ease after all there was a big lift what with the upcoming solar max.

After several years of playing on 50Mhz a few of my friends whom I had gone through the RAE with pushed me into doing the morse assessment, after passing I held on to the GM1XOG and got MM3XOG to go with it.

Coming to ZL land in 2003, I just brought the VHF/UHF handy, all the rest of the kit was due to be packed into the container and shipped off.  Once the gear arrived I set about getting a proper ZL call.  I applied to the MED with all my documents from the UK and asking for ZL1XOG, only to be told that the ‘X’ series was not issued, at that time, so they moved the ‘x’ to the rear and gave me ZL1OGX.

Once all sorted I set about getting a G5RV up and digging out the radio from the container stuff, the XYL was a bit miffed that the station was almost the first thing unpacked.

I have to say that operating from ZL has been interesting, you don’t quite have 50 – 60 DXCC countries on your door step, band conditions are totally different to what I experienced in GM land, it’s been a learning curve.

The Diamond CP-6 Multiband Vertical

The Diamond CP-6 Multiband Vertical

So today I still use the rig I brought over an Icom IC-706Mk2 with its ATU the AT-180 added a Heil mic to it.  The antenna has changed to a Diamond CP-6 vertical, the wife was complaining about the number of wires about the section.

Currently I’m sitting at 176 worked countries, yes not a lot but not too bad with 100w and a vertical and having to go to the office.  Also I’m playing about with digital modes at the moment, it’s fun working EU on 20-30w.zl1ogxQSL

Also in some of my spare time I look after the website of Branch 29 – NorthShore, www.qsl.net/zl1ab if you want a wee look.

QSL Direct, Bureau or LoTW

73 Ian, ZL1OGX