About My Family

My wife Sherril and I have two sons in their  30s. Ryan lives in our town Napier, not too far from us and our other son William lives in London, England but we do see him often when he comes home from the other side of the planet.



Sherril and I have been happily married for 40 great years. Although she was a teacher and a very successful business woman in floristry, Sherril has always been an inventive artist. She went back to to study after we retired and gained her Diploma in Art and Design in 2010. Several exhibitions have followed and the photograph shows her with her “Ladies A Plate” installation of 500 miniature ladies representing the struggle of women in our society. Sherril also has more of her artwork on her website and you can purchase her Ladies a Plate book online

William flying a Cessna 172 over Hawke's Bay a few years ago.

William flying a Cessna 172 over Hawke’s Bay a few years ago.

William trained as an electrician in New Zealand and then moved into freelance electrical estimating in London where he’s lived since 2002. He also operates two online businesses Photoswarm, providing photo portfolios to photographers. His second business is  an Online service to the electrical industry called Rapid Tender. William gained his private pilot’s licence a few years ago here in NZ at Napier Air Services. His hobbies are travellingphotography and generally having a great time in life.”

Happy Birthday Ryan! - Clearview Winery, Hawke's Bay 2015

Happy Birthday Ryan! – Clearview Winery, Hawke’s Bay 2015

Ryan returned from London a few years ago started up his digital marketing company which specializes in helping business grow their share of the market. Ryan works with clients in all parts of NZ to promote and market their businesses. You visit Ryan’s website at iamry@n and get an idea of what his company does. He also owns an internet hospitality site – Tweet2Eat which supports the many wineries, breweries and restaurants in our region.

Ryan has a son, our grandson Joseph, a delightful little boy who turned 5 years old in March 2015. he is a typical boy but has his father’s curiosity about how all things work. When he was living here in Hawkes bay a few years Sherril and I had some wonderful times with our new grandson. He was fascinated by my amateur radio station and looked the part with the headset on and he loved the sound of morse code when he played with my Begali paddle key.

Joseph ready to oporate ZL2AL.

Joseph ready to operate ZL2AL.

Sadly, he was spirited away to South Africa by his mother a few years ago and we haven’t see him for a such a long time. His mother does not allow our grandson Joseph any contact with his father, our son. It is very sad for all of us as we do not have the opportunity to be the grandparents in his life.

Bizzel thinking about what mischief she can get into next.

We have a lilac Burmese cat named Bizzel, a very intelligent little creature that came to us as a 3 month old kitten. We were told that the breed is very high maintenance and it has worked out that way. She is young and just loves games. Few cats will fetch a ball back when you throw it. Bizzel will fetch the ball and drop it at your feet time after time.

We always tire before she does and she keeps us amused daily with her antics and natural curiosity. If it is new, then it must be explored including guests. Lately, Bizzel has started to roam further afield and sometimes disappears for a while. We hope that she stays around for a long time as Bizzel is a wonderful companion cat in our household.


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