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The WORKED ALL STATES Award is a worthwhile award to pursue from ZL. It is not in the extreme difficulty class but does involve a bit of dedication to pick up all 50 states. Easy ones such as California and Texas will be among you first ones worked. The last few will often include sparsely populated states like South Dakota or Rhode Island. It is a lot of fun knocking the states off one by one. Contests like the ARRL DX Contest in January each year will assist you getting all 50 Any DXCC card checker is able to check your cards. I am able to do that here in ZL.

The WAS (Worked All States Certificate)

The WAS (Worked All States Certificate)

An applicant simply sends me his QSLs + an SASE to get them back to him + another SASE with a $2.50 stamp on it so that I can send the completed signed forms to the ARRL for processing further. Below is an extract from the ARRL Website which has all the information you need to complete the award with all cards or a LoTW + Cards combo application. The Worked All States (WAS) Award was first introduced in the January 1936 QST  for working and confirming all of the 48 states of the USA in play at that time. Since then, several rule changes occurred, including the addition of Alaska and Hawaii, making today’s award available for all 50 states. Click here to view a reprint of the original announcement and here to view the first list of Charter Members of WAS as published in April 1936 QST.

The Worked All States (WAS) award (certificate) is earned by confirming QSOs with all 50 U.S States. Confirmations can be submitted on paper cards, electronically via Logbook of the World or a combination of both (Hybrid Application). The cost of this award is $10 per award certificate or $15 for the certificate and WAS pin. ARRL membership is required for all amateurs in the USA and possessions. For amateurs outside of the USA, ARRL membership is not required. For non-USA amateurs, please see the General Certification Rules (GCR) for application card checking in your country.

Along with the Basic WAS Certificate, there are endorsements for any combination of bands and/or modes (excluding 60 Meters or 5 MHz). Specialty certificates are available for a variety of different bands and modes such as Satellite, 160-meters, SSTV, Digital, Phone and each band. Except for Phone and the generic Digital award, all other certificates will be both dated and numbered. Endorsements cost $7.50 and include CW, Novice, QRP, EME and any single bands.If multiple endorsements are all done on the same application only a one-time $7.50 fee applies. Applicants can complete just one application form and note multiple awards and/or endorsements while attaching multiple record sheets to account for each award or endorsement noted on the application form. While endorsement categories are $7.50 applicants can choose to have an endorsement category registered as an award instead of endorsement. In this case, award certificates are $10 each rather than the $7.50 noted. Cards can be checked by an approved ARRL HF Awards Manager or DXCC Card Checker . In the event you cannot find a card checker close to you, the application and QSL cards can then be sent to ARRL HQ in Newington. While a card checker may not be close to you, mailing cards to a local HF Awards Manager or DXCC Card Checker may still work out better for you. This will get your cards back to you quicker while your paperwork awaits the current turnaround time for application processing. Normally lapel pins can be ordered by checking the box on the paper application, however, there is no check box for the pin on LoTW applications. If you submit an application via LoTW and you would like the pin, after printing the ‘field check list’ to send along with your cards, on the lower portion of this form please note, in RED, that you would like to add the lapel pin to your order and also note your authorization for WAS to add the $5.00 for the pin to the credit card you noted for payment. Also, on the last screen of the LoTW application process there is a comment box. You can note here that you would like the pin and authorize WAS to add an additional $5.00 to the fee noted in LoTW. If you are sending a check for payment instead of a credit card, be sure to add an additional $5.00 to your check for the pin. (Since LoTW is not set up for adding pins to the award you must do it manually and the method above is the quickest way to do it all in one shot.). To encourage on air activity and station improvements across the bands, the 5-Band WAS Certificate, is available for working all States on the 5 primary amateur bands, first. Applications for the initial 5 Band WAS must contain 50 states on each of the five bands of 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 Meters.  After achieving the initial 5 Band WAS, it can be endorsed on the remaining amateur bands with 50 states required for each endorsement band.  Cards for 5-Band WAS can be checked by your local HF Awards Manager, DXCC Card Checker or at ARRL HQ. The cost for the 5-Band certificate is $10.00. A separate lapel pin is available for this award fro $5.00. When doing LoTW application there is a LoTW QSO fee which is assessed but only when using LoTW. A per-QSO fee is not assessed for paper-only applications. Upon qualification, a distinctive wall plaque is available for 5 Band WAS.


You can earn this 5 Band WAS by working all 50 states on each of any 5 bands

The cost of the plaque is $39.00. Shipping and handling by a traceable method is available for $10.00 USA and $34.00 for all non-USA. A 5-Band WAS lapel pin is also available for $5.00. The order form for the plaque and pin can be found here. Applicants can forward it by regular mail, FAX or even by e-mail. If applicants cannot find a local card checker and opt to send their cards and application to ARRL HQ, please send to the address below. Also, a traceable method of mailing is strongly urged, at least when sending cards to ARRL HQ (or, any card checker): WAS Award c/o ARRL HQ 225 Main Street Newington, CT 06111 USA

WAS Application form here:  WAS Application Form

WAC Application Form here:  WAC Award Application

73, Lee ZL2AL


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