DXCC Checking VK QSLs


Six years ago it was suggested that New Zealand and Australasia should have its own DXCC Card Checker rather than having to send DXCC cards to the ARRL in the USA. The nomination our “National Society” – NZART put forward my name to ARRL and the ARRL DXCC Manager has appointed me as an official DXCC card checker in this area of the world.

Basically my function is to receive and check VK/ZL cards to make sure they are valid for DXCC Applications and Total upgrades. Your cards will be checked and returned within a few days to you and I will sign your application and forward it to the ARRL DXCC Desk. I am able to check cards for the following awards:

• All ARRL DXCC awards and endorsements including the following:
• Mixed
• Phone
• CW
• Satellite
• 80 Meters
• 40 Meters
• 30 Meters
• 20 Meters
• 17 Meters
• 15 Meters
• 10 Meters
• 6 Meters
• 2 Meters
• 5BDXCC ( 5 Band DXCC)
• DXCC Challenge
• WAS (Worked All States)
• VUCC (VHF/UHF Century Club

Please note: I do not and cannot award DXCC credits. The DXCC Desk does that. I simply check cards for information and validity.  Under the new rules I can check “Deleted” entities. They must be sent to the ARRL Desk for validation. I cannot check 160M cards. I am bound by exactly the same rules as you would encounter with the DXCC desk.

If you are contemplating making a DXCC application in the near future, I would suggest that you contact me via email at [email protected] and tell me what you would like to do. You may lodge an Initial DXCC application with only 100 “Entity” confirmations. You may also lodge several hundred cards, or update your existing DXCC totals or combine your application with a LoTW application. I can advise you and email the correct forms, DXCC Rules, Current Entities List and other information to help you complete your application easily and correctly.

The information that I send to you will show the scale of fees etc. A typical application has just over 100 cards and the application forms completed. You can send 100 cards from Australia to NZ for about $10 and the same amount for the return trip. I will then sign and send your application form along with the lists of verified contacts to the DXCC Desk. Your credit card number will allow the DXCC Desk will deduct the appropriate fees. There is no charge for my services. My Address to send your cards to is:

Lee Jennings
87 Auckland Road
Napier 4112

Turn around time for your cards to get back to you is 48 hours. You will then have to wait about 10 – 15 days before your application reaches the DXCC Desk and your application is put up on the DXCC website. There is always a backlog of DXCC applications with the ARRL receiving about 15 bags of mail daily so completion of your application and your credits being finalized sometimes takes 8 – 12 weeks at the ARRL. The wait is worth it when you finally receive your certificate. You will have a grin from ear to ear on your face for weeks.

The ARRL DX Century Club is one of the oldest awards in ham radio. It is the measure of your DXing prowess and operating skills that you are able to initially join the club at 100 countries. Some of the awards are very difficult indeed like working every country available (338) and working 100 countries on each of the 5 HF bands (including 80M) and offer a lifetime challenge to complete them. ZL DXers do very well when measured by world standards and we have a few ZLs that have reached the very highest level of DXCC awards.

Australasia has never had a resident DXCC Card Checker and this is a great opportunity to become a DXCC member without risking your cards traveling to the USA. It is an honour and privilege to be able to be in a position to do this for ZL and VK amateurs.

73, Lee ZL2AL

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