Logbook of The World Introduction

Logbook of The World – LoTW  – is an exciting way for Radio Amateurs to confirm two-way contacts they have made and use the confirmations as credit toward various awards.

The ARRL introduced LoTW a few years ago and the system has grown at a phenomenal rate. The cost of QSL cards and DXCC Fees was becoming prohibitive and are now reduced considerably. LoTW makes the process of verification simple. Have a look at the Tutorial video link at the end of this page and then download the software to get started. The software is free and you simply have to send a copy of your licence to the ARRL and they will provide a digital file “Key” which allows you to sign your log and submit it to find matches in LoTW. To give you an idea of how popular it is some statistics are below as of September 1, 2014:

604,491,843 QSO records have been entered into the system.
93,800,608 QSL records have resulted.
69,281 Users are registered in the system
103,404 Certificates are active
6,360,447 User files have been processed

Because Logbook of The World uses double blind comparison, users cannot see what other users have uploaded unless there is a matched QSO. All files uploaded to LoTW are electronically signed by verified users. Logbook of The World maintains the integrity of the QSO verification process that has long been the hallmark of ARRL awards.

How does it work?
Logbook of The World is a very powerful system capable of collecting and matching QSO data from users all over the world.  When properly configured, LoTW can accommodate a variety of operating situations, such as DXpeditions, previously held call signs and QSL managers.

By using digitally signed certificates with QSO date ranges and station locations for geographic information, Logbook of The World is able to accommodate clubs, QSL managers, Dxpeditions, mobile and rover operators just as easily as it handles the individual user with one call sign and one location.

The Nuts and Bolts

LoTW Tutorial   and   http://www.arrl.org/files/file/LoTW%20Instructions/DXCC%20Application_20120402(1).pdf

The fantastic bonus of LoTW is to be able to log in and look at your totals and see what you have have worked and what you have left to work! See below:

ZL2AL LoTW Listings Sept 1, 2014

ZL2AL LoTW Listings Sept 1, 2014


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