DXCC – LoTW – QSL Cards 101

There has been some confusion in the minds of newcomers to the DXCC program on just how DXCC fits in with LoTW and which updates which account and how does LoTW fit in with DXCC and what role does the card checker have in the mix. This is written in response to a query from a local ZL. I tried to make it easy to understand. It worked and the explanation may be able to help others

Perhaps this explanation this may help. Some assumptions are made

1. You have an existing DXCC account at the DXCC Desk

2. You have a LoTW account

3. Your LoTW account is linked to your DXCC account by your request to the DXCC desk. The assumption is that you have done that.

4. When you send VUCC or WAS cards to me, it has nothing to do with either of your above accounts. No linking, no cross referencing  They don’t have any relevance to each other and you will receive your VUCC or WAS in due course. If you want those cards to count for DXCC totals you have to make another application and submit them via LoTW, Online Application or checked QSL cards

5. When you make an application to me, either by you completing and Online application and sending the cards to me, those cards are returned to you and the paperwork goes to the DXCC desk and the totals are added to your DXCC account and they magically show up in your linked LoTW totals.

5. When you make a LoTW application via the LoTW facilities, those credits are between LoTW and the DXCC desk and I have nothing to do with them. LoTW is updated and your linked DXCC totals are updated.

6. At any given time you can look at your LoTW account and look at your DXCC totals with relation to any award. You can also go to the ARRL DXCC Listings website and download a PDF file for the 3 main categories of DXCC. They are called the DXCC Listings.

7. As a card checker, I have absolutely no access to any LoTW account (other than my own) and cannot make an entries on behalf of an applicant.

The above should clarify how the system works. If you still have more questions (no question is EVER, EVER stupid if you don’t know the answer!) give me a phone call on  06 844 1226. Don’t hold back, get it clear in your mind and then things will become easier for you.

If its any consolation, I just switched my office computer from 30 years of various Windoze madness editions and updates to Apple iMac. The thought of Windoze 8 was reducing my will to live! I am on a big learning curve and have lots of questions on this particular subject. Fortunately there is an App for mac OS X which is called “Ask Alfred’ Bloody brilliant as it goes out to a huge database and newsgroup that will tell me. At 76, I need help. Some would say i need professional help to overcome my ham radio addiction 🙂

73, Lee ZL2AL