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KiwiDXHDefThe Kiwi DX Group is a group of avid DXers that formed in the late 1990s. The logo originated from the magazine NZDXR edited by ZL2AL. Although the magazine ceased publication after nearly 5 years, the bond was formed and Kiwi DXers became a formidable group in the pileups.  ZLs are quick to support DXpeditions and a recent “pass the hat” exercise saw the ZLs raise a considerable amount of money to become a sponsor and support the upcoming FT5ZM Amsterdam Island DXpedition 2014

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  1. “Thank You” to all the members of the Kiwi DX Group for supporting the Amsterdam Island DXpedition. We are looking forward to lots of contacts with Kiwi DX Group members during our stay on Amsterdam.

    Ralph — K0IR

  2. Hi Lee
    I would like to join the NZ DX Group
    Could you send me the details please
    I have only been a ham since March this year after having to give up my work as a television technical director following a stroke,making a good recovery though
    I am running a Yaesu 857 soon to be replaced by a Icom 7800 and 1kw amp,I actually studied for my ticket thirty five years ago,Morse and all,but television got in the way and I never made the time to sit for my ham ticket,something I regret but as I now have the time I intend to make the most of this wonderful Hobie
    Lloyd ZL3LOZ

  3. Hi.
    Greetings all from Opua Northland.
    I am not sure but seem to have read that Paul Ormandy may be able to help but would appreciate any assistance!
    I will be in the Pacific on a vessel during the Rugby World Cup.
    We will be in the Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Fiji but mainly Kiribati areas.
    I was wanting to know if anyone was aware of any HF frequencies that were broadcasting these games.
    For Kiwis, Rugby is not a matter of life and death, it’s more serious than that!
    We would love to be able to listen in to these matches! I have most of the local Island’s local broadcast station’s frequencies but will most likely be out of range so wondered if you were aware of any HF frequencies.
    I would appreciate your advice and help.
    Thanks & Kind Regards.
    Andrew Hughes.

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