DXCC Applications

The following four pages will help you complete your DXCC Application. 

Although each application method is separate they will be linked and added to your Personal DXCC account at the ARRL. There are no more “Mixed” applications which were a combination of traditional cards and LoTW. The LoTW may be linked to your DXCC account. The same goes for your Online application. All three application types end up in your personal DXCC account. The bonus is that when your account and LoTW are linked (The DXCC Desk will do that for you when you request it) you can go into your LoTW account and see exactly what status your total DXCC account is at.

The new Online application is great as it allows you to put the cards in any way or order you wish. The application then is completed, your credit card is debited (at a rate half that of a traditional written paper application) and is lodged at the DXCC desk. Your local card checker will check your application from the printout and forward it to the DXCC desk and return your cards to you. Your application will be completed and credited to your DXCC account quite quickly.

You can make your application in one of three ways:

1) QSL Cards Direct to an ARRL DXCC Card Checker or

2) Online Application ( less expensive ) or

3) LoTW (Logbook of the World)

Each article will have links where you can download forms etc. The rules page has all the information on how to send your cards to me.

73, Lee ZL2AL

1 thought on “DXCC Applications

  1. Hi Lee

    I am using LOTW and i have 59 credits for mixed DXCC I still have a long way to go. I have used the online application to enter 17 cards that i need verified by you.I got to the stage of the PDF file print out and sorted cards in correct order.
    I am at a loss to know where i go to next . I tried the application but i dont have DXCC so it says i need 85 credits in LOTW.
    Have i done something wrong

    thanks for your time Lee


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