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The New Zealand DX Hall of Fame was set up in 2009 to honour outstanding NZ DXers. Over the next few years, nine ZLs have been honoured from a very long list of famous ZL DXers according to the criteria below. There was no award made in 2012 and the panel is not charged with making an award or multiple awards each year under the rules.

New Zealand DX Hall of Fame Selection Criteria

1) The nominees must be a New Zealand citizen who holds or has held a New Zealand licence.

2) The nominee must be a DXer or DXpeditioner of long standing. The length of time must be determined by the selection panel but a minimum of 15 years as a radio amateur should apply.

3) The award is for excellence in DXing or DXpeditioning. Excellence in contesting may be considered however this is primarily a DX Award.

4) Membership in the ARRL, NZART or any other organization should not be a consideration.

5) Selection consideration should be based on the quality or quantity of DXing by the nominee over a long period of time and should not be based on the popularity or personality of the individual nominee.

6) The selection panel must reach a unanimous decision in all cases for each nominee and may call for nominations from the New Zealand DX community if needed.

7) Up to three awards may be given each year. Only one of the three awards may be a posthumous award.

8) An award plaque suitable for hanging on a wall and a letter of congratulations will be awarded to each inductee. A letter of congratulations will be sent to the family of the Silent Key inductees.

9) Nominations will be closed each year on November 30. Voting by the panel will take place during the month of December and the announcement will be made January 1.

10) The panel will be appointed for a period of three years. Panel members are not eligible for election to the NZ DX Hall of Fame while they are judges.

Previous Winners


  1. – Roy Jackson ZL4BO at 94 (Now SK)
  2. – Ron Wright ZL1AMO #1 Honour Roll
  3. – Jock White ZL2GQ


  1. – Dave Johnson ZL1AMN
  2. – Aola Johnson ZL1ALE
  3. – Dave Brown ZL1HY  (SK)  1992


  1. – John Shaw ZL1BYZ
  2. – Bryan Anderson ZL2AFT
  3. – Peter Watson ZL3GQ  (SK) 1998

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  1. Congrats on your activations!
    My good friend Jock White from Gisborne was ZL2GX (not GQ). Best regards and vy73 from Fritz

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