DXCC Entities Lists

Click here for the current DXCC Entities list effective January 2013 (Same for Jan 2015)

Current Entities Total: 340 (Entry level Honor Roll is 331 current entities) (Same for Jan 2015

Click here for the current DXCC DELETED List effective January 2013

Note: While no longer current, the entities on this list can still be used towards the DXCC awards noted in Section I rule 1 (a-q). Deleted entities do not count towards the Honor Roll, 5 Band DXCC and the DXCC Challenge.

Effective April 2, 2012 DXCC card checkers can check all current and deleted entities on the DXCC list. Also, only approved DXCC card checkers can check 160 Meters. For the list of approved 160 Meter card checkers (noted in Red) visit:


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