LoTW Experiences – ZL3JT

Hello folks
It’s really quite a wonderful thing how Log of the World has developed over the years.
Nearly 10 years ago I joined LotW and on 30 Oct 2003 I uploaded a file of 842 QSOs initially and scored only 3 matches.

On the 24th August 2004 I made my first claim for DXCC endorsements via LotW with 64 “matches”. That claim was # 760 My most recent claim for endorsements for my DXCC was made just last week with another 41 “matches” ..This claim is # 62458

I had gained DXCC HR in Mixed by the traditional QSL card method in November 2002, but joining LotW the following year, (Oct 2003) has seen considerable savings in QSL costs for all my band fillers from my original 330 DXCC mixed.

Some 1670 have been added with LotW and existing QSL cards, more are making my De Soto challenge over 2200 would be cost prohibitive if it wasn’t for LotW.

DXCC HR in phone, CW and DXCC in RTTY have been gained because of LotW.

LotW has some critics, but they pale into insignificance when the benefits of subscribing and using LotW are examined.

73 ZL3JT