ZL1MT – Ted Minchin (SK)

Ted Minchin ZL1MT

Back in the 1970s, RTTY was a hot subject on the ham radio scene as commercial interests dumped their metal monsters and went “glass” That’s how I first met Ted. A mutual friend Dick Boulton, ZL1FL was a great fan of the green keys and had a Selcal system operating on 3545 khz 24/7. Once a week the NZ Amateur Radio Teletype Society had a weekly net of 20 or 30 ZLs where ideas were exchanged and plots were hatched. Ted was ZL1BOY then and in league with Dick to liberate as many machines as possible from the Post Office.

Ted just loved the machinery and could really make the old Creeds hum. Or should I say rattle and hum. Not only was Ted into the Teletype machines but he also had an interest in all things mechanical, electrical or electronic. Eventually RTTY was overtaken by technology and the teletype group folded and we all went our separate ways. Over many years we always used to compete for bargains at the various junk sales and Ted and I enjoyed each other’s company often over a cup of coffee. When I became quite ill in 2001 Ted rang me and said “Hey no worries Lee, I had the same thing many years ago and have undergone the same treatment as you. You’ll be fine.” I needed that and Ted gave me a call every now and then to see how I was doing and offer encouragement. Ironically, his illness came back during the last 18 months and it I was able to offer encouragement to him. We last met on the day of the Cambridge Junk sale at his home and he was desperately ill but still thinking about ham radio and interested in what was on offer. We will miss him. He was one of the “nice guys” of ham radio and will be long remembered. Ted passed away on 27th May, 2006